Why Coworking?

Over the last decade, coworking spaces, like Spaces, WeWork and Roam, have expanded beyond a workspace for freelancers and startups. Small businesses are starting to see the benefit of investing in a coworking space, and it’s easy to see why. For a simple monthly fee, business owners not only have a physical space to work, they also have access to everything they need to get the job done—and more. Here are a few reasons coworking is becoming more than just a trend.


Owning a business isn’t cheap. So when it comes to coworking spaces, affordability is a huge factor. Small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs all find unique opportunities in renting a communal workspace, rather than an entire office. For instance, young businesses (or even smaller enterprises) can save on costly overhead expenses, up to thousands of dollars per month depending on your location. Plus, coworking environments allow business owners to choose the right location, amenities and more without sacrificing anything in return.

All-in-One Office

From designated (or floating) work areas to WiFi to conference rooms, everything needed to succeed each day can be found in coworking spaces. Even basic business services, like mail handling, printers and even coffee and snacks, are offered through a coworking partnership, checking one (or several) items off of a small business owner’s to-do list.


As small business and startup owners know, networking is key to success. Working in a communal space not only offers an affordable workspace option, but a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded business owners. Collaborate with peers, stay updated on recent events, find new projects or even new employees—all from the “office.”

Stimulating Environments

From creatives to accountants, our work environments impact our performance. Whether it’s healthy competition, ingenious collaboration or the buzz of an office environment, coworking spaces offer a unique environment that was designed to inspire the innovative spirit of business owners. Plus, by avoiding an in-home workspace, many business owners find a healthier balance between their work and personal lives.

Professional Meeting Spaces

Many small businesses struggle with offering a professional meeting space when working remotely. This dilemma can force many businesses to take the office leap of faith before they are ready. But coworking spaces offer the ability to save hard-earned funds and provide the much-needed professional meeting areas for clients and customers to visit.

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