LinkedIn as Need, Not Want

LinkedIn’s Role In Today’s Business Prospecting
According to LinkedIn’s company profile, LinkedIn is the platform that “connects the world’s
professionals to make them more productive and successful,” and it exists as “a community
that helps you realize your definition of success.” So, how do you define success for your
company? Certainly, it includes serving more clients and customers, and here’s are a few ways
to utilize LinkedIn to bring your prospecting efforts up to 2018 speed.

Every professional must have a personal profile built out on LinkedIn, and if you are falling
behind in this regard, create your personal LinkedIn profile now.
Once business owners have a profile, you can create a company page. (Yes, you do need this
even if you’re a one-person show. A company page legitimizes your work and enables you to
post a logo that will appear on your personal page where you list your current company.)
After launching a personal and company profile and growing your network through
engagement with others, you are ready to add some strategy to fuel your company’s growth.

Strong users gain the most out of this tool when they engage often with others; answer
questions, comment on posts, and offer advice. It is a social platform after all, and those who
are most successful interact regularly with others’ posts. As your network grows, think about
your industry and what content makes sense to share on this platform.
If you have been building your network through engagement, it is time to create meaningful
content yourself.


  1. Post consistently (2 to 4 times per week). This can be a story, an answer to a common
    question, an industry specific insight—something that will align with your personal or
    company brand and is something that interests your prospects. Why do you do what
    you do? If you tell people about your why, you will capture your audience’s attention
    and inspire them. That is a much more meaningful way to connect with people. Include
    images with some of your posts; when you do, make sure to include text as well.
  2. Write an article. Unlike a regular newsfeed post that is in front of people based on
    when they happen to scroll LinkedIn, articles have longevity because they remain on
    your profile page under your summary and frame you as the industry expert you are.
    Anyone who visits your profile will see your articles and this can provide prospects with
    some great insight into what separates you from your competition.
  3. Be brave and produce video content! Your content will have a much wider reach if you
    include a video with your post since video always receives more engagement than a
    static photo. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be long, professionally created or edited.
    Authenticity sells on this platform.

LinkedIn allows you to download the email contact information for all your connections, which
you can then parse into groups—or segment—and email selectively based on individual needs,
interests, and desires. Used wisely, this is a great feature that increases open rates because
you can target your messaging.
To gain more traction and connections with prospects, look at mutual connections of clients or
business contacts and connect with those individuals and think about how you can serve

Paid Ads
Once you are comfortable with producing content and continually growing your network
through thoughtful engagement, you should have a sense of what resonates most with your
audience and potential people like them.
If this platform has strong prospect potential for your industry, consider using the paid ads
feature. This can extend your reach beyond your connections and put you in front of new,
select individuals because it allows you to target based on company size, job title, etc.

LinkedIn: Best Practices for Paid Ads

Remember, LinkedIn exists to help others meet their professional needs. Engage with a
mindset of sharing and serving, and the byproduct will be that people know you and see you
as valuable because of your service to the LinkedIn community. And from there, your business
is certain to grow.

LinkedIn Help is a foundational resource for getting familiar with the tool. Do yourself a favor
and take time to explore this resource.


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