Tips from the Top - June 2016


Training a New Employee

I have a new office employee to train, and I also have plans to leave the country in three weeks. While the timing is not optimally lining up, I have a plan in place to ensure my new staff person is equipped with what they need to succeed in my absence…

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Let Go and Get Out of the Way!

I recently bought electronic tablets for my team to use for documenting their work. The purpose was to keep us all in sync, current, on the same page. Somehow my team got their tablets and started using them before I could address the why, what and how they were intended to be used…

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Quick Tips

One Generation to the Next

When one generation in the family business is preparing the next to take over, a good tactic is to host meetings outside the company walls. By bringing everyone into neutral territory, you can put both groups on a more even playing field.

By : Lauren Bradley, WestStar Capital

Anticipating for Transitions

When employees are making transitions into new roles and their related responsibilities, we must understand not only where we are going and how we will get there, but also how the transition will affect others (managers, suppliers, customers, etc.). They are all curious to know how the transition will affect them, and possibly more than we can imagine.

By : Mike Dina, Integrity Electrical Solutions

Find the Root Cause

I have learned that if I get rid of the root causes of my stress. I am happier, less anxious and more pleasant to be around. In my case, doing things that I don’t enjoy creates a pattern of stress which can carry outward. However, when I remove those things, my team is less stressed and our office is a happier place to work.

By : Sandra Scanlon, SSG MEP

Maintain Staff Focus

If you’re in a manufacturing environment and find your employees spend too much time making personal calls, take their cell phones at the start of the day while explaining to them that preoccupation with mobile devices on the factory floor is an insurance risk. You can return the phones to them during breaks and lunch times.

By : Al Marino, Amsterdam Consulting
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