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Ramesh Barasia

TAB Atlanta North is a business coaching & consultancy firm that provides advisory services to small business in North Atlanta. Ramesh Barasia, Owner & CEO, The Alternative Board (TAB) North Atlanta, is a certified business coach.  His focus is to help business owners/CEOs achieve more money, time and happiness.  He assists business owners with business coaching & consultancy that makes the business work for them rather than them working for the business.

Ramesh started three businesses: a new business division inside a Fortune 500 company, a start-up in Atlanta with funding from AT&T and VCs, and the current TAB business.

Ramesh has over thirty years of business experience. Over the years, through his premium small business consulting service in Atlanta, he has helped businesses grow, gain market share, increase profitability, and improve cash flow.

In TAB, he brings 4-8 non-competing business owners together as a group, like a Board of Directors, who help each other to solve challenges that each one faces in his/her business. In between these monthly Board meetings, he provides personal coaching and business advisory services in Atlanta to help business owners develop and implement strategies and game plans.

He has lived in Johns Creek for the past eighteen years. As North Fulton Leader and a mentor, he is active in SCORE, a voluntary organization for small business mentoring which is part of SBA.  He is on the Board of Leadership North Fulton; where he is also the chairman of Project Committee.  He is on the Board of Conexx (American Israel Business Connector, previously known as, American Israel Chamber of Commerce).  He is a member of Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC), and has been a member of Technology Association of Georgia (TAG),

He is a North Atlanta business coach who is strategically minded but operationally driven professional with outstanding accomplishments. His expertise is in sales, marketing, business development, strategic planning, business turn-around, and mergers & acquisitions. He has experience in delivering results in start-up, small, and medium business environments.

Ramesh worked up the corporate ladder at AT&T and Lucent where he held several leadership positions in sales, marketing, and business development including President of a business division. Afterwards, for the next twelve years as CEO, he led successful turnarounds at Comverse Inc., a mid-size technology business; Radware Inc., a small size Data Center Solutions business; and IQMAX, a start-up healthcare business.

Ramesh received Master of Engineering from Cornell University; Doctorate in Management Science from Syracuse University; and Advanced Management from Harvard Business School. He has received four design patents.

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